Website Design and Internet Marketing

Website Design

Fully customized websites, designed to meet the needs of businesses in a rapidly evolving online environment.

Local SEO

We establish  your local online presence by website integration, directory listings, geo-targeting, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Email Marketing

Email list development, newsletter management, and Eblast campaigns.

PPC Advertising

Setup and management of Google Adwords and Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Client Account Management

We manage client accounts and password security, maintain backups, monitor online activity, and much much more.

Featured Website

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About Us

Spafford Ackerly

Spafford Ackerly

Founder, High Peaks Media

Spafford (aka ‘Spaff’) has been building websites for years, most recently using WordPress, and is keenly tuned in to the new generation of marketing tools, based on organic search, social media, ROI metrics, and pay-per-click advertising. He is meticulous about his work, is responsive to clients’ needs. and is patient (with computers and people!). High Peaks Media has grown slowly over the years, and the business is currently expanding due to a strong network of partners in the online marketing business.

Anna Schwinger

Anna Schwinger

Partner, and Founder of Lion’s Pride Media

Anna is the Founder of Lion Pride Media. She has an entrepreneur spirit to the fullest. Anna has worked with an array of companies managing content, developing result driven content, building fan bases from 500 to 100,000+, implementing marketing strategies, conducting market analysis, outlining webpages for optimal results, managing teams and handling client relations. Anna knows the secrets of engagement and the impact of success in the social realm. Anna takes great pride in ensuring that each client is capitalizing as much as possible.

See current High Peaks Media partners.

We are currently expanding to partner with graphic artists, photographers, social media experts, finance advisors, etc., to provide clients with strong support and high quality services – see Partnership Opportunities.

Websites and Marketing Setup


Core DesignCustomization & AddonsHosting & Management
Domain name registration
Hosting account setup
Wordpress installation
Theme installation
Mobile enabled
Up to 8 pages
Business email account setup
Admin Gmail account setup
Analytics integration
Cloud backup account setup
Site backups (monthly)
SEO enabled
Caching enabled
Image optimization enabled
Remote monitor enabled
*Client provides branding, logos, images, and content
** Free cloud storage, free email accounts
*** Extras: premium themes
Headers and Sliders
Galleries, Portfolios
Page-specific features
Image management
Content management
Audio and video streaming
Calendar integration
Membership sites
Appointment bookings
Search engine optimized (SEO)
Local SEO
Social engagement
Payment gateways
Pay per Click (PPC) advertising
Site optimization
Premium management
(see Pricing for details)
Free hosting (500 MB +)
Account & password management
Wordpress core and plugin updates
Analytics reviews
Cloud backup (daily/weekly)
Backup success monitoring
Site uptime/downtime monitoring

See Pricing Details

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High Peaks Media offers custom website design, social media management, and effective online marketing strategies.

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