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Virtual Partnerships between Universities and Businesses/Nonprofits: A Win-Win

An organization recently contacted me to see if I had clients who might be interested in virtual partnerships between universities and their business or organization. Here’s how it works. University instructors are seeking real-life virtual projects for their students and interns – and during this time of the covid pandemic, the ‘virtual’ need has never […]

Tech Tools for Small Nonprofits: The Marketing and Sales Funnel

 https://youtu.be/_28RAL8LHDg I work with small nonprofits to help implement all phases of the classical marketing and sales funnel, which includes: (1) attracting and engaging new donors, (2) creating avenues for donations and developing constituent services (e.g., event registrations, bookings, member libraries, ecommerce stores, etc.), and (3) managing ongoing relationships with a core community of […]

5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Likes

A Guest Post by Ashley Dear  Facebook can be a great tool for finding and connecting with your target audience. I get requests for advice for particular social media sites and each one has its own strategies. It’s true that if you “pay to play,” you will gain Facebook likes and followers using Facebook ads. […]

Rename the Coupon Code Text in Woocommerce

I recently needed to replace the Coupon Code wording in a Woocommerce store, from “Insert  your Coupon Code” to “Insert your Membership Code”. I used some code posted on Grahame Thomson’s blog, but there was an error that prevented it from working on the Checkout page. I sought help from our developer, and here is […]

Managing your WordPress Website in 2019

There was a time, when websites were static and more stable, and the internet was safer and more forgiving. That time is over! Websites are now built on dynamic and constantly evolving platforms that integrate with a wide variety of online services, for example that monitor and protect from hacking and malware attacks, generate and […]

Scrolling Panoramas for Your Website

Use your cursor or scroll with the controls at lower left. Have fun! Mountain Man Outdoor Store, Nederland Image taken with Google Street View App on an iphone; JPG downloaded from Google photos Plugin: 360 Panoramic Image Viewer Note that panoramas taken with Google Street View require that the camera is horizontal, and in the […]

The Future of Google Search Results and WordPress SEO

Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Google Search results are increasingly varied, appearing for example as ‘rich snippets’ of information extracted from websites, news, shopping options, related searches, and detailed data about local businesses (menus, reservations, etc.). For example, the search engine result page (SERP) for the query “France” (below) shows News items (Top Stories), […]

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