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Work from home (Video call edition)

Businesses Working with Schools: Virtual Projects Can Yield Tangible Benefits

The timing has never been better for virtual partnerships…
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Virtual Partnerships between Universities and Businesses/Nonprofits: A Win-Win

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Tech Tools for Small Nonprofits: The Marketing and Sales Funnel

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5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Likes, Ashley Dear

5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Likes

A Guest Post by Ashley Dear  Facebook can be a great…

Rename the Coupon Code Text in Woocommerce

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Managing your WordPress Website in 2019

There was a time, when websites were static and more stable,…
How to Ask Clients for Help

How to Ask Customers for Help: Get Feedback and Reviews (!) using a Google Forms Survey

Hey business owners -- when a customer or client leaves your…

Scrolling Panoramas for Your Website

Use your cursor or scroll with the controls at lower left. Have…
Google search engine result page

The Future of Google Search Results and WordPress SEO

Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Google Search results…