Software and Services for Nonprofits – Discounted Pricing!

Nonprofit organizations have access to numerous software applications…
How to Ask Clients for Help

How to Ask Customers for Help: Get Feedback and Reviews (!) using a Google Forms Survey

Hey business owners -- when a customer or client leaves your…
Speakpipe Voice Messaging

Add Voice Messaging to your Website Using SpeakPipe

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Amazon AWS

Amazon S3, Glacier, Lifecycle Rules, and Versioning

The following notes that may help negotiate some of the intricacies…
Fax Machine

How to Send and Receive Faxes from Your Computer – Low Cost and Free Services

I use a couple of services to fax documents from my computer…

Video and Audio Player Plugins for Streaming Amazon S3 Content

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How to Create a Membership Directory on Your Website

The membership directory described below was created for a small…

Custom Search for Instructional Videos

The search for instructional videos is made easier using a Google…
Enounce - increase change video playback speed

Watch Videos More Quickly – Increase the Playback Speed Using Enounce

If you spend a lot of time watching videos, especially training…
manic time

How I Track my Time and Invoice my Clients

For hourly pricing (see Pricing), I now use Toggl and the…