High Peaks Media, owner Spafford (Spaff) AckerlyHigh Peaks Media is a website design and internet marketing firm founded by Spafford Ackerly in 2010.

We serve small businesses and non-profit organizations, with a business model based on integrity, honesty, and mutual respect.

We value

  • Collaboration with clients – we listen.
  • Innovation, to find the model that’s right for you.
  • Excellence, in website development and implementation of marketing strategies

High Peaks Media partners with marketing and design professionals, as appropriate to get the job done well (see business partners).

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Spafford Ackerly

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"Marketing" and "sales" can instead be reframed as education & transformation. Not as euphemisms, but as a higher-intentioned way to treat our fellow human beings.(read the full article under the image.)

Posted by George Kao on Thursday, March 2, 2017