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Virtual Partnerships between Universities and Businesses/Nonprofits: A Win-Win

woman browsing on her laptopAn organization recently contacted me to see if I had clients who might be interested in virtual partnerships between universities and their business or organization. Here’s how it works. University instructors are seeking real-life virtual projects for their students and interns – and during this time of the covid pandemic, the ‘virtual’ need has never been greater.

And on the other side, businesses and nonprofit organizations need virtual solutions and insights more than ever, especially in areas of their online presence (websites, social media, etc.) and marketing. It’s a virtual win-win as far as I can see.

The organization that reached out to me is Riipen.com. I decided to try it out. Account set up is free, and easy, and one is presented with project teplates that make the whole process quite easy. Creating a project or internship description will probably take a couple of hours.

I found some project templates that that might be of interest to some of the businesses and organizations that I serve:

On the university side, you can look for courses that seek the type of project you have in mind.

Most projects likely require an initial consultation with the course instructor, and the need to supply any necessary information that will provide a basis for the project. Then, at the conclusion of the project, you must be available to view and review the student presentations. I can’t imagine that businesses and organizations would not benefit from the process, and may even bring some joy while working with the students.

Let me know if I can help facilitate this project!

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