High Peaks Media has you covered. Depending on your plan, we

  • Manage and oversee accounts (see Services Summary)
  • Provide automated off-site backups (using Updraft)
  • Monitor malicious activity notifications and prevention
  • Monitor sites for downtime (using e.g. Downnotifier or Uptimerobot)
  • Schedule automated updates of the WordPress core and plugins (using Updater)
  • Monitor WordPress and plugin updates to check for compliance (using WP remote)

Business owners must also keep an eye on their sites – see Health and Wellness Check for Your Website.

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Updraft Plus provides automated backups of all sites – see Using Updraft Plus to Backup WordPress Websites.

Backups are configured to upload site data to one or more cloud storage accounts, owned either by the client or High Peaks Media (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 servers).

High Peaks Media offers backup redundancy using Crashplan and Amazon S3 cloud storage

The backup frequency varies according to need: daily,weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quaterly, or annually, or different combinations of these.

A full cpanel backup and theme-settings backup are usually performed before or after major site revisions.

Wordfence provides a firewall, and malware and brute force attach protection.

Easy Updates Manager or equivalent is used for automatic updates of themes and plugins.

Uptime Robot is used to monitor website downtime, and WP Remote and/or Manage WP are used to monitor the health of the suite of sites that we maintain.

That’s it! Updates, backups, and monitoring are the main maintenance functions that I perform on a regular basis. Sites are protected by security measures.

Contact me for assistance or more information.

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