Your Custom Audience Re-Targeted

A Custom Audience has Visited Your Website: Re-Target Them

A unique Custom Audience has visited your website and you know who they are – Re-Target them – Display an Online Ad

Your Custom Audience Re-TargetedRe-targeting puts your business in front of an audience that has already visited your website, and who might still be interested in what you offer.

As you know, re-targeted ads appear on a wide variety of Display and Search Networks (including Facebook and websites that display ads) – you’ve all seen them.

Here’s how it works, and how you can do it too.

How to Re-target

First a “pixel” (a segment of code) is installed on your website (see below). Then, the pixel drops a little “cookie” into the browser of whoever visits your website. Next, the cookie on the computer communicates with an Ad Display Network, which shows an ad that is related to the cookie.

Of course, you need to get visitors to your website before you can re-target them. For this, you can use your organic traffic, or you can try some ‘targeted’ advertising, for example using keyword search ads.

Then what?

Custom Audience

The pixel, which is specific to different platforms (Google, Facebook etc.), is used to create a “Custom Audience” in the Ad dashboard of the platform. The custom audience includes all visitors (actually computers) that have been to your website.

Then, you can display your ad to the Custom Audience, for example on Facebook or on a Display Network.** Note that Google requires a minimum number of cookies to display ads (see below) **

The ads might show a special offer to your audience, and direct traffic to a specific landing page on the website. The ads might also help with brand awareness.

That’s it, in a nutshell! Of course, you don’t actually “know” your custom audience, as the data are Google and Facebook’s big secret (and the key to their wealth).

Are there ethical considerations? Always!  I just read this …. “How’d my Avatar get into a Sneaker’s Ad

Some practical tips for implementation are in the resources, below.


Google Remarketing Tags are in your Adwords account. See About Remarketing Lists and About Remarketing Audiences in Analytics. In Adwords, go to Shared Library (left column menu) and to Audiences:

Google remarketing tag

Facebook Pixels are in the Ads Manager section of your personal Facebook page. Go to Tools > Pixels, and then to Actions > View Pixel Code:

Facebook pixel code


To install pixels (tracking code) on a WordPress website, I like the

To check that pixels have been properly installed:

To create a custom audience from your data search “How to create a custom audience in Facebook/Google, etc.’

Then, create ads or banners specific to that audience, perhaps directed to a specific landing page with a specific offer.

Contact us with questions or for assistance!

** Google Cookie Minimums

Note that Google requires a minimum of 100 unique cookies per 30 days to show ads on their Display Network, and 1000 cookies per 30 days to show on their Search Network. BUT, you can possibly use Dynamic Remarketing to get around this (see how).

Re-target a Custom Audience

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