Kathmandu Restaurant

Kathmandu Restaurant – Our Newest Website

Kathmandu Restaurant

The Kathmandu Restaurant website is the newest addition to our portfolio. An elegant full-page image greets the visitor  The website is secure (https:) and relatively fast loading (due to delivery by the Cloudflare content delivery network – see Fast Secure Websites on a Budget).

We chose a new domain name for the restaurant “kathmandurestaurant.us”, as the name “kathmandurestaurant.com” was not available. We also claimed the restaurant listings on Yelp and Trip Advisor, both of which are highly active. And, we registered the site on Google maps and submitted the site to Google webmaster tools.

Within a day or two of launch, and of listing the website on directories and media sites, the website was seeing from 40 to 60 visitors per day, as shown in the Analytics report below. The average session duration is 2:18 minutes, and the bounce rate (the percent of immediate departures) is only 30.85%, indicating that most visitors find the website useful.

Please welcome Kathmandu Restaurant to our community; see our portfolio of websites here.

Kathmandu Restaurant Analytics

A few notes

The home page image was licensed from fotosearch.com, an excellent source of inexpensive images (along with 123rf.com).

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