Lets Partner Together

Partnership Opportunities for Graphic Artists, Photographers, Bloggers, Financial Advisors

Lets Partner TogetherAre you a freelance graphic artist, photographer, social media consultant, or financial advisor?

If you don’t build websites, but would like to collaborate on website design and development, online marketing, or advise on marketing finance, then read on …

High Peaks Media would like to collaborate with

  • Graphic artists who develop logos and branding, and show oversee the design of websites
  • Photographers who can provide high-quality images for businesses and business owners, to use on their websites and promotional materials.
  • Social media consultants, who provide blogging and social media services
  • Financial advisors to inform business owners regarding investments in marketing, especially online marketing.

What High Peaks Media can offer to partners

  1. Referrals, when I have work that requires your skills
  2. Opportunities to serve your clients’ needs, by offering websites or marketing to compliment your own services

Why Partner?

Partnerships offer a way to maintain independence and creativity, but also to expand both the scope and the quality of what we offer. The Entrepreneur blog has published a series of posts on partnerships – a list follows, but especially see Why Collaboration Is Essential to Entrepreneurship.

What services are offered by High Peaks Media

  • Reliable and robust websites and website maintenance services (I prefer to outsource and collaborate on the the graphics and design work)
  • Online marketing, including social media setup, Facebook ads, and Google Adwords (I generally prefer to outsource social media to partners – all or part)
  • Reasonable prices and honest and genuine relationships with clients

I am looking for skilled and reliable partners

I am seeking partners in order to raise the bar on what I/we offer to clients, and so that we can expand the scope of our respective businesses. Partners must be reliable, dependable, and communicative.

Interested? Let’s talk 🙂

Skype or Google Hangouts preferred. I live and work in Rollinsville, Colorado. Contact me.

I will feature all partners on this website

Posts on Partnerships and Entrepreneurship, Mostly from the Entrepreneur Blog

Image credit: High Peaks Media, via Canva Designs

Why Should We Work Together?

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