Speakpipe Voice Messaging

Add Voice Messaging to your Website Using SpeakPipe

SpeakPipe Voice Messaging Plugin

Now customers can leave you a voicemail, using SpeakPipe. A free account gives you up to 20 messages per month and a maximum message length of 90 seconds. The recording device can be embedded into your website.

Users can be required toi enter their name and email (which I assume is required to reply via voice). On mobile devices, the user must download the SpeakPipe app (iTunes) to leave a message.

Please Start Recording below (90 seconds max), or leave a message on my SpeakPipe page.

Thanks for trying this out! I will reply when I hear from you.

I will also update the post with further information about this widget. Please leave a comment if you have some insights you can share.

Tech Notes

SpeakPipe can be embedded using iframe code or can be installed on your WordPress site as a plugin. You can also provide users with a link to record their message on the SpeakPipe website.

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