Dropbox – File Synchronization on Multiple Computers

DropboxDropbox is a popular and powerful platform for synchronizing files across multiple computers and devices, as well as sharing files among Dropbox users. Dropbox offers personal, pro, and business tiers of services.

Dropbox personal offers 2 GB of free cloud storage space (at the time of this writing), and stores file versions for 30 days.

Dropbox pro offers 1 TB (1000 MB) of storage for $99 per year, and also stores file versions for 30 days (with an option for 1 year for an additional $39 per year).

Dropbox business offers unlimited storage and file versioning, for $12.50 per user per year (minimum of 5 users). Nonprofit organizations can get a discount.

Dropbox users can share folders and files, as read only or read/write/edit.

Know the sharing rules! If you delete a shared file, the file is deleted from the Dropbox of every user (although it can be recovered). If you delete a shared folder, the folder and files are removed from your Dropbox only. For details, see:

Your Dropbox is installed as a directory on your hard drive, and files are synced to the cloud. Thus, your Dropbox is also accessible on the internet and on mobile devices. On mobile devices, files can be selectively downloaded and stored on the device (such as selected photos or audio files).

DROPitTOme is a useful program that allows people to upload to your Dropbox, without accessing your dropbox directly: DROPitTOme is a free service that provides a url that you can give to others to upload files to your Dropbox account.

Sign up for Dropbox using this link and my space allocation will be increased: http://db.tt/ut436cI. Thanks!

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