Dropbox secure image hosting

How to Host an Image on a Secure Server using Dropbox

Dropbox secure image hostingHow can you host an image on a secure server, as required for example by Paypal, when setting up a personalized business configuration?

Dropbox provides an obvious solution, because you can quickly generate a link to share any of your Dropbox documents (for more on Dropbox, see Dropbox – File Synchronization on Multiple Computers).

If the Dropbox link is not secure, you can replace the ‘http:’ part with ‘https:’

However, the link to a Dropbox document cannot be used to embed a file in another application, because the linked page is cloaked in formatting.

To circumvent this problem, change the ‘www.dropbox.com’ part of the link to ‘dl.dropboxusercontent.com’. This should provide a link to the image that can be used another application.

Thanks to Ryan Mo for this tip, in his post, Using Dropbox to Host Images on your Website, and thanks to Todd Dumas at DD9 for bringing it to my attention.

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