Webmaster Tools on Google and Bing

Webmaster Tools are key for verification of your site with the various search engines. Here’s how, or let us help you.

Google Webmaster Tools

At Google Webmaster Tools (click here), you must first “Add a Property”. Site verification is required, for example by

  • uploading a file by FTP to your site (e.g., on Hostgator cpanels, select the File Manager)
  • use of meta tags, conveniently added via the Yoast SEO plugin in the Webmaster tools tab

Google Webmaster Tools

After adding your property, go through the search console to

  • Index your site by submitting the site to the Google search engine
  • Submit sitemaps; we use the Yoast Analytics plugin, and the URL of sitemaps can be found in the plugin settings
  • Check for crawl errors
  • Check keyword content, and various other factors

Bing Webmaster Tools

As on Google, the site must be registered and verified with Bing Webmaster Tools (click here)

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools Dashboard

After verification, the Bing dashboard accesses a variety of tools, including

  • Search engine indexing
  • Sitemap submission,
  • Geo-targeting
  • Diagnostics and tools, including
  • SEO analyzer
  • malware reviews

Here’s an example of results of the Bing SEO Analyzer:

Bing SEO Analyzer

Registering your site with Google and Bing webmaster tools will make your site visible to the search engines. This is critical for good SEO. The setup can take a fair bit of time, as the devil is in the details, but the time is well spent. Don’t delay – do it today!


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